A Moment to Remember ★★★★

Take out your Kleenex for this one. If you read nothing at all about it you will be in for a very nice ride (don't read the IMDB blurb). It is an evenly paced love story without too much drama, really. It is all about the moments; the details. When Su-jin meets Cheol-su for the first time in a fantastic scene reminiscent of the Oscar winning short The Lunch Date you know the basics of what you need to know about the characters. From that point forward you root for them to meet again.

Being a woodworker, I was particularly fond of Cheol-su (played by Woo-sung Jung). Ah heck, I tried. Being a woman I was particular fond of Cheol-su. He's got integrity, a complete lack of pretentiousness, and the loveliest smile. Su-jin (Ye-jin Son) is forgetful to the point where she will forget words when she is nervous. She is lovely, not in that Meg Ryan oh-look-how-dizzy-I-am type of way, but in a beautiful, real, subdued way. When she is happy her entire face lights up like kids on Christmas morning.

It is a love story with complications, which makes it a real love story, not a rom-com. If you never rooted for an on-screen couple, you will.

Netflix has the director's cut which I imagine added a good number of minutes. Up until the last act everything flows quite perfectly. It is the last act that there may be a few scenes too many, but it is nothing major. I'm sure the director just wanted to look at the topic from all angles, even if this wasn't necessary.

It's a lovely film, one I am sure to re-watch.