A Most Wanted Man

A Most Wanted Man ★★★★

Anton Corbijn, that's 2 for 2 now. The American and A Most Wanted Man are some of my favourite films. I love how Corbijn tells a story. Slow. Detailed. Never hurried. Both films were utterly captivating from the first frame to the last.

I would have given this one extra 1/2 star, but the issue with the accents was a tad bothersome. It was never enough to disengage from the story, and if I'm being honest I don't think I noticed half as much as my better half, but when compared to the superb accent work done in The Drop, this one definitely lacks polish. There's also the issue of making films in English when they are set in a non-English country. What is up with that? I always find it strange.

The performances were all good, and Hoffman was excellent. No drama here, just a plain, understated performance, much like Gary Oldman's in Tinker Tailer (although if I had to choose, Oldman's performance wins out). McAdams was good, Dafoe was ok but I'm increasing that to good because he's Dafoe and sexy as hell, and Wright didn't have much of a part but she was ok. I loved the look she gave Hoffman in one particular scene. Spot on.

I was so engrossed in the film that I didn't notice things like cinematography or score or anything like that so I will assume that all was done beautifully.

Thanks for the recommendation Len. Again, you were right on the money.

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