American Hustle ★★½

This film had a fantastic start. The look, the style, the 70s vibe, the groove, I was grinning ear to ear.

Then there was the set-up and the con and the cool cast of characters. It was great. Truly great.

And then it stopped being great. It became too much on every level. Too much 70s music being played just to look cool. Too many scenes with too many characters that said too many words. Then a few scenes that had nothing to do with anything but were there just because the actors thought they would be cool scenes (Jennifer Lawrence pulling a fit to some song with "Kill" in the lyrics all the while trying to look very cool and Tarantino-like).

The film lost control of itself. It was one big free-for-all and it just stopped working. I kept at it until the end out of respect for Christian Bale who was friggin outstanding. He was so good that I might watch this film again just for him. Now that is good.

(oh, and careful when you improvise: hands can't smell of "coriander" in the 70s).

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