Carol ★★★

Nope. Not seeing what everyone else is seeing.

Both characters were the same - very unemotional, distant, with a complete lack of joy. Even when they were together, alone, the mood was heavy and stifling. Nothing was provided by way of reasons for the attraction, and honestly I didn't feel any chemistry between them at all. None. There was one scene where Carol (Cate Blanchett) was given'er with the glassy dough-eyed come-on look, but it was kinda weird, really, and there was no reciprocity from Therese (Rooney Mara) at all.

I appreciate that the drama was subdued and that the tone of the film was all left-handed with no sharps, but it fell flat. If it was aiming for the feel of In the Mood for Love, it landed closer to Brooklyn, with all the fanfare and joie-de-vivre of Anomalisa.

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