Manchester by the Sea ★★★★★

This one was getting a bit too much hype coming out of Sundance. I didn't read about it much to avoid spoilers, but the poster had a melodramatic vibe to it, so I was going to pass on this film at TIFF. I really did have it pegged as some sort of BIG dramatic picture about rich white folk on the East Coast. A divorce maybe. A son coming out as gay to the republican judge father and judgmental mother. Sure the Sundance audience loved it but they've liked melodramas before, haven't they? Haven't they?

I picked it for TIFF. The ratings from my LB friends were all too high for the film to be crap. It had to be worth the festival money.

I'm not saying anything about the story. The film isn't really about the story anyway.
It has great characters, this close to perfect writing, great atmosphere and before you know it, when you think there is still an hour to go, the film ends, that's how gripping it is.

Yes, I recommend it.
Go in blind, and just sit back and enjoy a good story.

Oh, and just because I want to slip this in, Casey Affleck is friggin' awesome in this. I know that most people think that acting is good when an actor has a BIG scene, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. Affleck's role in this film is the most difficult thing one can do. Playing it close the chest. Hard has hell. He deserves all the accolades I hope he gets.

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