Religulous ½

This is one of the silliest documentaries, and I use the term loosely, I've ever seen. All intelligence has left the building to make room for straw men. The only reason I gave it one star was for the brief chit chat with a former vatican priest who seemed interesting. It's a shame Maher didn't spend more time with him, but I can only guess that this priest wasn't stupid enough for Maher.

Instead, Maher's crew follows him around a la Michael Moore while he looks at baby pictures, asks him mom why they stopped going to church, smokes a dooby in Amsterdam (relevance?), visits Israel and England, and interviews a few people along the way, asking them how they can possibly believe any of that religious garbage.

He does manage to get a few zingers in now and then, notably when he speaks with an English musician who welcomes dissent as long as it doesn't hit home. And yes, it is a sad state of affairs that so many people blindly fall into the trappings of the Jesus-Saves industry. But it is irresponsible (and very easy) to knock all religion based on that silliness. It would have been refreshing to hear from intelligent believers who don't think that gays or infidels should be burned. But alas, in the Jesus for Truckers trailer Maher suggests that they don't exist. No point in looking for them, I guess.