Requiem for a Dream ★★★½

The best way I can find to describe this film is to say that all resources went towards re-creating what it is like to be high. There is little story. The film follows four people as their addiction to drugs gets worse. Yes, it's a train-wreck. It is fantastic at what it does. Every element of film making from makeup and costume to music, lighting and photography are at the service of showing the tailspin, and in that sense the film is pretty fabulous. When I say there is little story it is true, but there is still some connection between all the characters, and they do all evolve, and there is little bit of plot to drive the characters. I'm just trying to say that this film is more of an experience than straight narrative. The performances are outstanding. Ellen Burstyn in particular is crazy good, and Jennifer Connelly and Jared Leto are fantastic.

The only bad thing about this film is that it gets self-indulgent at times, with some scenes going on way beyond their expiry date. I was gripped and excited for the first half, but at some point I got impatient with the self-indulgence and looked at my watch a few times which is never good. I suppose it's not the type of film you like or dislike anyway. It is more like the kind you ought to see.

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