The Babadook ★★★★½

For the most part this is a two hander, and what a two hander it is. The film is atmospheric, suspenseful, and scary in that old-timers way, where a tale/story becomes larger than life and totally takes over. You know, where there is a story rather than just chain saws and torture. More Carrie than Saw.

The film takes its time, as it should. Writer/director Jennifer Kent didn't create a story to scare you; she created a story to spook you, which is way more frightening, She is in it for the long haul. The story goes from a single mom with an A.D.D. kid to single mom with an impossibly demanding A.D.D. kid to single mom can't cope with impossible kid. Underlying the entire tale is something much more sinister that psychological labels and drugs can't account for.

The only problem I could find with this film is that 5-10 minutes could have been removed in the last half, during the mother's attempt to keep a handle on things (trying to keep things spoiler free here).

I'm no fan of horror but this one, well, this one gets a gold star.

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