The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★½

I saw the ratings and the love this film was getting. Of course I anticipated loving it: you can't go wrong with Gladiator and Lars.

There is nothing I can point to that is wrong with the film. The performances were ok, the script wasn't the worst thing ever as far as I could tell, the 70s vibe was good. Well, I suppose there is one thing. There was something peculiar about the pacing, as though the blocking were getting in the way of the dialogue or something. It dragged.... And it didn't help that whenever Gladiator spoke in his soft voice he lulled me to sleep.

I am not sure why but the film bored me to tears. 10 minutes in and I would not have minded at all if we had lost the stream. 1 hour in I finally had to call it quits after my eyes were so glazed over I could barely find the off button on the remote.

Shame. I wanted to like this one.

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