Feature Films from Iran.

Iran is the featured country for the 2016 March Around the World Challenge

Russman has a list of all Iranian films submitted for an Academy Award and Flip Trotsky has a list of the Top 100 Iranian Films according to a poll at the Super Champion Film Zone film forum. Shayes has a personal ranked list of films by Persian directors (note that not all the films are Iranian).

Don't forget that you can sort this list in a variety of ways and you can even see if the films are available at itunes, amazon, etc. (although that might be a Pro feature).

  • Sara
  • Secret Ballot
  • Siyavosh at Persepolis
  • Still Life
  • Tall Shadows of the Wind
  • Tight Spot
  • Tehran Is the Capital of Iran
  • The Blind Owl
  • The Blue-Veiled
  • The Bread and Alley
  • The Cyclist
  • The Garden of Stones
  • The Ghost Valley's Treasure Mysteries
  • The Key
  • The Need
  • The Night It Rained
  • The Pear Tree
  • The Postman
  • The Sealed Soil
  • The Songs of the Grey Man
  • The Tenants
  • The Traveler
  • The Willow Tree
  • Tranquility in the Presence of Others
  • Travelers
  • Turbulent
  • Willow and Wind
  • Women's Prison
  • Women's Quarter
  • Marooned in Iraq
  • My Tehran for Sale
  • The Deserted Station
  • Hamoon
  • Those Three
  • The Fish Fall in Love
  • The Hidden Half
  • Women Without Men