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  • Train to Busan

    Train to Busan

    I've always been a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine. Or I should say I was a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine. That is until I watched Train to Busan, which I think has definitely ruined the TTTE franchise for me forever.

    Every couple of years some shallow studio exec dusts off the Thomas the Tank Engine franchise and tries to do yet another live-action reboot thinking it will renew the publics' waning interest in the IP,…

  • Persona



    I didn't cringe once when anybody ate shit during Salo and tried to make it look sexy. I didn't cringe when the little boy from Schindler's List had to hide from the Nazis in the shit lake of an outhouse. I didn't even cringe in Audition, when Asami vomited into a dog bowl and her boy toy hungrily lapped it up. You could say I have no gag reflex, a stomach of iron,

    Nerves of Steel

    But when Liv Ullman…

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  • Peppermint



    Hello class, and welcome to "Film Criticism and Analysis 101". I am your instructor, an elderly blind man who can only get erect looking at pictures of old lady’s used retainers.

    Today we will be breaking down the structure and key elements of the classic Griffith film: "Jennifer Garner shoots Mexicans while you watch and cry".

    "Jennifer Garner shoots Mexicans while you watch and cry" is a 2018 film starring Angelina Jolie as Jennifer Aniston. We know Sandra Bullock is…

  • Lolita



    I don't care how hot this 14-year-old girl is, reading books directly underneath the spray of a sprinkler system is really fucking dumb, an instant no go for me, I for one, respect literature.

    As well as the fact that she has never once put shoes on in her entire life

    Also, you know, her being a child is a bit of an immediate turn off as well.

    Nonetheless, Jeremy "Ironside" Irons pursues a 14-year-old version of the Wendy's girl…