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  • True Grit

    True Grit


    This is less a review and more of a plea to Hollywood. After watching: True Grit, Hell or High Water, The Hateful Eight, and Bone Tomahawk, please make a western that is just two hours of Jeff Bridges and Kurt Russell being gritty at each other. It will be the greatest movie of all time. Here, I'll even start it out for you:

    Fade In

    Ext. A snowy mountain trail

    If you would kindly move yourself out of…

  • In a Valley of Violence

    In a Valley of Violence


    2014 - John Wick: a former hitman goes on a murder spree after the son of a mob boss kills his dog

    2016 - A Valley of Violence: a former soldier goes on a murder spree after the son of a Marshal kills his dog

    2018 - Janus Vix: a former gladiator goes on a murder spree after the son of a senator kills his dog

    2020 - A Galaxy of Violence: a former space marine goes on a murder spree after the son of an underground spice merchant kills his space dog

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  • Captain America

    Captain America


    I give this movie credit for giving us the first mentally handicapped superhero in film history.

  • Spirited Away

    Spirited Away


    This is probably Hayao Miyazaki's most beautiful film. If you've seen any of his other major movies then you'll be familiar with the basic story here; a young female protagonist in a world of extraordinary creatures and wonder. Miyazaki's work always feels straight out of the Romantic period with it's themes of mythological fascination, return to nature, and focus on the spiritual and mystical. It's definitely a movie that makes you want to have kids so you can show them great stuff like this.