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sx wrkr, writer-ish, mostly just the worst

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  • Unstoppable
  • Trouble in Paradise
  • Walker
  • Underworld

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  • Rollerball

  • Prison on Fire


  • Stop Making Sense


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  • The Canyons

    The Canyons

    "Christian is introduced to us, smirking over a smartphone as he listens to the walled-up, but quietly pleading thankfulness of the actor he has done the favor of casting in his movie. He gets his girlfriend, Tara’s, attention and flashes a picture of a man on his phone, she nods with a "maybe." In short, he wants to know if she’ll let the man fuck her as he watches, or vise versa. Deen gazes at every object and human being…

  • Ambulance


    Bay is a visual literalist. There is no subconscious meaning to decipher within his images. He shows you exactly what he wants to and how. I think this may be why people find him reductive. There's strength in the snappy succession of discernable images. They happen so quickly there's no time to decipher, he needs to show you now, here! There's literally a shot in this film that zooms out of a ramshackle hut for the homeless on the side…

Recent reviews

  • Rollerball


    maybe the most pristine two-decade-old 35mm print i've ever seen, most likely left untouched because no one has thought, much less wanted to watch it since 2002. i wish "bad" movies still looked this good.

  • Hello Dankness

    Hello Dankness

    Soda Jerk? More like Circle Jerk, amirite? Hello Dankness appropriates well-known movies depicting suburbia and inserts MAGA and neoliberal imagery. You know those movies about suburban paranoia and threats lurking just below a pristine surface? Well, if you didn't know, this movie takes that premise and injects highlights of the 2016 election into beloved scenes, so you really and truly get it. It serves to point out that these filmmakers are Australian, but lived in the United State in 2016…

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  • Red Rocket

    Red Rocket


    As aware as Sean Baker is of the landscape and environment of Southern Texas and the Gulf Coast, he truly understands the sound. The buzzing of the refineries, the constant crashing of the waves, the droning of the freeways and highways. This is set in Galveston County, where I spent my childhood. I got out before my teen years arrived and thank god for it. It's a small place where small people have small lives. Simon Rex (and his gigantic…

  • Magnolia


    I needed to write this and express these thoughts and events from the past few days. It's a mess and not worth the read, but I just had to.

    • • •

    He gave her the same roses he first gave me. A bouquet filled with baby's breath and soft deep red petals that laid in perfect pattern against each other. Except this time he was giving them to a tattooed writer in Brooklyn instead of a girl with scars…