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  • The Last Picture Show

    The Last Picture Show


    Sixteen months away and the glorious return to Austin Film Society was overwhelming. A 35mm showing of The Last Picture Show introduced by Texas Monthly Senior Editor John Spong. Texas is my home and my heaven. Its films hold a place in my heart that was particularly fostered by my mother. What a treasure to be able to accompany, laugh and weep along with her and this movie she brought into my life. Texas is a disparate place but a…

  • Romance


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "Is nymphomania destroying yourself because you choose the man who doesn't love you?
    I don't want to sleep with men.
    I want to be opened up all the way.
    When you can see that,
    the mystique is nothing but raw meat, the woman is dead!
    Maybe I really want to meet Jack The Ripper.
    He'd certainly dissect a woman like me."

    Stumbling through a neighborhood, sobbing, I called the man I loved. "I was raped." Confessing that to him in…

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  • My Man Godfrey

    My Man Godfrey


    an ex once said my family was a "broke Bullock family" and i can not argue

  • The Love Witch

    The Love Witch

    "'Sumptuous,' I think, is the word for this flick. The colors are so deep, it's like you can stick your hand in there and it'd be wet. Anna Biller shoots on 35mm, nobody does that anymore. Nobody even remembers what 35mm film on a big screen looks like. Sometimes I host movies where we show 35mm and people always go, 'Great cinematography!' and I go, 'NO! Great film stock! Real film!' Ya know, movies are the only type of art…

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  • Red Rocket

    Red Rocket


    As aware as Sean Baker is of the landscape and environment of Southern Texas and the Gulf Coast, he truly understands the sound. The buzzing of the refineries, the constant crashing of the waves, the droning of the freeways and highways. This is set in Galveston County, where I spent my childhood. I got out before my teen years arrived and thank god for it. It's a small place where small people have small lives. Simon Rex (and his gigantic…

  • Magnolia


    I needed to write this and express these thoughts and events from the past few days. It's a mess and not worth the read, but I just had to.

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    He gave her the same roses he first gave me. A bouquet filled with baby's breath and soft deep red petals that laid in perfect pattern against each other. Except this time he was giving them to a tattooed writer in Brooklyn instead of a girl with scars…