Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★★

Just got from the cinemas and I absolutely LOVED this film. Edgar Wright tells an stylish and intriguing psychological story about the dangers of delving into and eventually romancing the past. There’s still the pin drop moments he’s well known for but he also incorporates other interesting and colorful elements from Repulsion, and Gillao elements that help it stick out amidst its own genre. The performances are also really well done, especially from the two leading ladies. The plot does seems to lose itself in the third act, although the twist is somewhat intriguing, it sorta just makes you do a double take because it seems odd so you can see Edgar Wright falter a bit trying to hold it all together. Nonetheless the 2/3 of this film had me smiling the entire time! Definitely one of my favorite films of the year.