Sound of Metal ★★★★★

Moments of Stillness.. and that place will never abandon you.

Sound of Metal has been an anticipated watch of mine after seeing so many praising it and if feels good to say it lives up to expectations. Darius Marder (Director) does an excellent job here, showcasing the frustrations and feelings of a drummer (artist) who loses his hearing and must adjust and come to terms with how this will affect him the rest of his life. The camerawork and the sound helps translates all of this excellently. It’s real and it’s raw and you feel every moment of it as if you are actually there experiencing it. He translate this excellently through his eye and through his camerawork as the filmmaker. 

Sound design is AMAZING! Really puts you into his POV in terms of his hearing experiencing Kudos!

Now on to the cast... Riz Ahmed is amazing! I can not praise him enough, I don’t even believe i have words for it: His performance as Ruben is emotional and requires so much and he gives it his all. We watch him as Ruben go on a journey of self discovery as he is dealt something painful and come out strong on the other side with a whole new understanding of himself due to the lovely and brave community he becomes apart of. He uses ASL and his range of emotions to translate that. It certainly taught me more and gave me a whole new perspective as well about the deaf community. He deserves every bit of praise coming his way. Olivia Cooke is also great as his girlfriend and band mate who also has to deal with his hearing lost, as it not only affects him but affects her too and she certainly brings the emotional and painful aspects of how any partner would deal it to the forefront and pulls it off. Could definitely see her and her team getting a nomination if they’re able to really push her like they want to. 
Everyone here puts up beautiful performances though... nearly brings you to tears and always keeps you smiling : Paul Raci as Joe (leader of the deaf community Ruben finds himself in) Lauren Ridloff & also I didn’t really see many people talking about Chelesa Lee who is hilarious (she made me smile every time she was on screen) and was a great addition and friend to Ruben in the community//home.

Overall: Sound of Metal is a soulful and transcendent experience, truly breathtaking and what i took away most is that we take so many things for granted, even if we don’t know we do. As humans we are only dealt a coin of gain and loss and when we experience loss, we will go through many emotions and we will try and fight to get those losses back, to fix them... it’s only when we accept our circumstances and we begin to see the beauty in where we are, in where life takes us that we can truly be free and watch something beautiful grow from. Not everyone gets to experience that but for those that are lucky enough to, they truly find happiness in where they are and that truly is the most important and the most beautiful thing you can ever experience in this screwed up card that life deals us.

Watched on Amazon Prime.

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