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  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills

    Ho 👏 ly 👏 shit👏 this 👏 sucked. 👏

    Remember that long one-shot sequence in the first one? Remember when he throws the teeth? Remember anything remotely tense, scary, or fun? Remember plot?

    What is the point of anything that happens in this movie? Why was Jamie Lee Curtis even there? How is every person in this town so stupid?

    I want to write more but I also never want to think about this again.

  • Suspiria


    A masturbatory, self-congratulatory movie that tries to signal that it is "elevated" horror by being unbearably long, super drab, and trying really hard to avoid the elements that make the genre effective. This movie sucked so bad oh my god. I was by no means a huge fan of the original but holy shit at least it was concise.

    The wigs were an inexcusably sad excuse to try to hide the fact that it wasn't Dakota Johnson dancing. The use…