Hereditary ★½

I hated it so much.

This is going to be a wildly unpopular opinion but here we go. signed up for a horror movie and got 75% a Melancholia-esque movie about the misery of life a woman's role as inter-generational caregiver (both mother and daughter) while suffering from inter-generational mental illness and 25% a horror film. It was an endlessly depressing slog, which is not what I signed up for based on the trailer. It was not scary. It did not succeed in making me feel dread, only wishing it was over. It felt like it went on forever. It barely, tenuously attached the horror/pagan plot to the actual story it wanted to tell about simultaneously loving and resenting both your mother and your children. I don't go see depressing contemporary dramas for a reason and I got served 2 hours of that in this movie with a side of a horror movie.

It was well-acted, but it wasn't enjoyable.

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