Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

I had an interesting experience with this film. I'll let my tweets paint a picture:

If vodka is your drink, “Another Round” might be pretty triggering if you’re sober. (It would be for me if I wasn’t this many years dry).

Honestly, it’s just making me remember the bits about drinking I loved & how I truly believe I’m a better, more fun, more interesting, more open, more confident person w/a little alcohol in me. Not a lot, but a little. But, I can’t just have a little, so I get to have none.

This whole movie is so fucking stressful. Omg

You know, my exgf and I started dating when...and because...we were both alcoholics. So, I relate to the fact that these guys are just hanging w/ each other bc no one else understands & it’s easier to coexist w/those who don’t pass judgment. Nothing else matters.

Our relationship was never meant to survive our mutual sobriety. And it didn't. Not really. Not well. And not for long.

The difference between me & these guys is that I was drinking to the point of “ignition and beyond” every day for years. All day. All night. Your body physically adapts to accommodate your alcohol consumption & rewires itself. I needed it to not die. Strange life.

This has really brought me back. I’m not done with the film yet, so I’ll return with more thoughts as they come up (if at all). I have such a fraught relationship w/those years...the best & worst of my life (w/lasting my vision impairment & liver damage)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: nobody starts off thinking they’ll become an alcoholic. You don’t know until it’s too late. Why did it happen to me, while my sister is able to have a glass of wine or a margarita and stop after one or two? No clue. But, it snuck up on me so fast.

well, I had zero fun watching this, but that’s indicative of how well it’s done. Alcohol is a complicated drug. Addiction is a complicated disease. Painful to watch. Painful to live through.

I don’t know if I’ve made this sufficiently clear, but if you’re a recovering addict perhaps do some preliminary research before deciding if this is for you or not....all I knew was the poster & obviously it dredged a bunch of old things up for me.

My sobriety is not in jeopardy (we don’t even have alcohol here) and if I’ve been able to make it this long, then a movie is not going to break me. But, this is the most I’ve ever been affected by a film since I quit drinking. It’s a lot. So, just read up on it first!

If you have no issues with addiction, them please do dive in! It’s a very good film! An easy 4/5.

I have been thinking about the ending scene of this film since I signed off last night and I *still* cannot tell if I like it or not. LOL I think it falls under that "complicated" umbrella and the gray, nuanced area of alcohol use. but, boy someone like me cannot relate. lol

like *my* reading was probably the opposite of what a normal person's would be and it wasn't until today that I was able to take my alcoholic blinders off and see it for what it most likely was. I won't delve into spoilers... just... tough movie for alcoholics. There's no way to watch without a lot of introspection, dissection, analyzation....and melancholy, honestly. so, don't watch unless you're ready to emotionally handle all that. <3

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