Knives Out ★★★

I always hate it when I'm one of the few who didn't love a universally lauded property, but here we are. Gotta say though that this wasn't a complete surprise to me--in fact, it would have been a shock if I *had* really enjoyed it. Whodunnits are one of my least favorite genres & none of the advertising made me think this would make me feel any different. I thought the trailers were bad, but they were actually very representative of the final product's content, style & tone. It's simply my personal taste not aligning with this type of film. Nothing more, nothing less. I have historically found them to be a tiresome chore to slog through, always wanting to fast-forward to the end rather than reveling in the investigative journey. And even though the camp-factor was amped up (which is always a plus for me) and the acting uniformly excellent, it just didn't hook me. There's nothing inherently wrong with this movie, so please don't mistake my disappointment as a critique. This will work for most's extremely sharp, tightly written, funny (enough), and not 100% predictable. I am just one of the very few who didn't get very much out of it. And that's frustrating, but life goes on!

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