House of 1000 Corpses

House of 1000 Corpses ★★

This film was Rob Zombie's first film as a director and it shows promise but falls short due to his inexperience. It looks sometimes like a very trippy White Zombie music video. The excess of the film starts to wear on you,it's as if Zombie is in love with his films villains as the victims continue to suffer in the film to the point you just want to say enough already.. Some scenes go on way to long and bog the film down. But there are good things to say about the film Sid Haig steals the film as the murderous Captain Spaulding who runs a roadside attraction that features a murder ride that features a local homicidal maniac named Dr.Satan. Zombie's wife Sherry Moon begins her streak of appearing on every one of her husband's films as Baby a psychotic who lures some unsuspecting kids back to her home to torture and kill them. It's an alright film but just not what you are expecting.