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  • Synchronic



    New Orleans paramedics encounter the effects of a designer drug called Synchronic that transports users into the past for seven minutes. Tonally bleak and unforgiving, the film staggers under the weight of some big themes: love, racism, mortality. It was only when I saw the credits that I saw it was a Benson and Moorhouse movie and then I had a better understanding of the film-makers’ intentions. Well worth watching but it left me feeling that what was a pretty deep story (the main character develops a terminal brain tumour, for instance) was only being superficially explored.

  • Greenland



    Gerald Butler and his family spend two hours of screen time trying to fly to Greenland to escape a nine-mile long piece of comet that’s going to hit Europe. Some of the scenes of chaos at the airfield as people struggle to escape are axiety-inducing but, overall the movie is average. There’s not enough comet action and there’s too much cliché: the separated parents, the diabetic kid who loses his insulin, a random person who provides information that will save they day, the ending straight out of Noah’s Ark.

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  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi


    So awful. This is a Crystal Skull!

    I groaned over and over at the poor plot decisions and cheap humour.  This is very close in tone to the Prequels. 

    At the end I really expected the little boy to climb on his broom and fly off accompanied by the Harry Potter theme.

    Terrible movie.

    EDIT: I waited until I saw the reviews and I’m astonished to see the positively gushing GotG2-like reviews everywhere (which get qualified much later). When my…

  • Devs



    Tonally, Devs is great television: brooding, atmospheric, desperate. There are sequences where the cinematography and sound are stunning. Where the show succeeds is in the tragedy of the human dimension of the story: characters struggle against fate even when they know the futility of their actions. Others perpetrate terrible crimes in the belief they are not in control of their actions. Devs struggles to explore determinism and free will and - right up to the last episode - almost makes…