Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder ★★½

It’s not as bad as the reviewers who saw it at the cinema made out. Yes, it’s a monstrous spaghetti monster of a mess and the one-note humour monotonous (especially the constant self-mockery) but it looks wonderful and has a great deal of entertainment value. Christian Bale performs a fantastic turn as the pantomime villain, Gorr the God-butcher. There was a sense that Thor was “growing up” in the course of the movie and that, by the end, he would return to being the heroic - rather than clownish - hero of the first movie. Alas, instead the coda of Love and Thunder transforms him into a loveble, foolish single father. Both the Jane Foster as Thor and the God-butcher comic stories both deserved their own movies rather than being compacted into this comedy. Worth watching on Disney+.