BlacKkKlansman ★★★★★

all power to all the people.

I'd been really excited to see this film since it was announced. I tried to avoid reading about it when reviews came out but really couldnt avoid anything and got excited by how it was received. My expectations were in turn raised but boy did this beat anything I could have even thought up. The idea that were watching this in 2018 and seeing the same behaviours, beliefs and practices in this film that we do on our news sites and social media is such a sobering thought. Lee really makes this point throughout the movie. If you havent seen this yet- please do. go in with an open mind and take everything that is said into consideration in your daily lives. Highly recommend this.

Now I'm gonna talk specifics of the movie so here's a little spoiler alert.

Lee created a movie that is so direct to today's issues that it's comical. Specifically talking about the two Trump references. The specific "America would never elect a man with these bigoted beliefs as President" and Topher's "We gotta make our country... greater again" lines are so direct I dont even feel like I can call this movie a commentary on what's happening in our world right now. He's calling his audience out- He's reminding viewers that this is our reality and this is the man that people voted for. That 53% of white women voted for.

The focus of this movie is on the black identity and the fight for black liberation in a white supremacist world- Laura Harrier shines in this role. She's such a talented actress and it really comes across in this movie. Her strength and sense of self came through on the screen creating this very powerful black female presence throughout the movie. Her chemistry with John David Washington was perfect- it was real and their conversation seamless. Washington carried this movie and truly is one to watch. He dominated every scene he was in- my favourites usually being his phone conversations with Topher Grace where he is cracking up laughing. Especially the last one.

What was interesting to me was the Jewish-American identity that was also dealt with. As Adam Driver, one of my favourite actors, plays a Jewish American man who ends up being the one to actually go undercover with the KKK. He has to deny his identity as a Jewish man and say bigoted things about his own culture. It takes his character a while to go from viewing his job as just a job to really realizing how he also has "skin in the game". The scene with Driver and Washington after the KKK card comes in is a very powerful one- one where Driver admits that he hates having to deny who he is. This is also present when he is "inducted" into the KKK by Topher Grace. He is in the hood so we can't see his face but by his voice you can just hear the hesitation and disdain he has for what he is having to say.

This movie also called out the "brotherhood" of the police force. As we watch multiple cops knowing exactly how other cops are behaving (killing, harassing, assaulting, etc.) But because they are cops no one says anything- "right or wrong we stick by each other". To which Washington points out is a belief shared among the KKK as well. Was nice to see the other cops at the end sort of realize this and help get the racist police officer fired and arrested.

The ending of this movie was hard to watch- with all the updated current footage of "Neo-Nazi's" and the KKK screaming for white power. killing people in the name of white power. Trump defending these people and acting as if the members of these affiliations are "fine people". Watching the video footage of the marches, the cars driving through crowds, the murder of that young woman was sobering and heartbreaking. Lee ends with an upside down American flag that fades to black and white- and I think that says enough about the message he's sending with his film.

So I leave you with this:

Fuck David Duke, Fuck the KKK, Fuck Donald Trump, Fuck Nazi's and Fuck anyone who defends them.
and for my Canadian friends- Fuck Doug Ford.

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