Cherry ★★½

it was probably impossible for me to like this film anyway due to the amount of criticism i've heard about it, but yes, this did not land for me. i will say that tom holland and ciara bravo's performances were praise-worthy, they had to work with a whole scale of emotion and i think they managed to encapsulate each one well. as for everything else, it is just so sub-par. i hated the 4 part structure and the red used lol, i didn't like how this lifetime movie actually felt like i was watching it for a lifetime. it did feel like multiple different movies which just makes for something impossible to invest yourself in. many of the plot points were so meh and i was so angry at the characters for making such flaccid decisions i really didn't care about what was going on in the present. also, that asshole shot. i will lose sleep over that asshole shot

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