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OK firstly envision that vine where a guy aggressively throws down a camping chair of some sort in order to listen to whatever it is there is to say. THAT'S HOW I WANT U ALL TO BE LADIES.

two things i want to point out before anything else:
(1) this was my first tarantino movie ive watched in the cinema. since finding my love of film and becoming a film student, it's something i've been waiting for. i am very happy
(2) started doing this thing where i watch the trailers for movies and dont go digging for any more info before i've seen it. it therefore came as a shock to me, as someone who is currently reading 'helter skelter', the book about the MANSON MURDERS, that this film was basically about the MANSON MURDERS

ok so i think a lot of people are going to disagree with me on literally everything i say, because that's what seems to happen with me and tarantino. but here we go.

i only discovered tarantino for myself long after his last release (u have the right to tut here), which meant there were already SO MANY opinions and tarantino film warriors that had shoved those opinions down my throat. like literally the 'hi my name is ___, i'm a film student and my favourite film is pulp fiction' is ACCURATE. anyway, this hysteria and god worshipping of tarantino put me off of all his movies ngl. not that i didn't enjoy them, or appreciate them, but i was always too busy searching for THOSE BIG THINGS that people love so much that it actually all seemed to go over my head.

so i wanted to have a different experience with once upon a time, this was happening in the present for me and it was my opportunity to really see things for myself. so i watched the trailers and that was about it. no digging into the narrative. no reading interviews and watching press junkets. this totally transformed the whole experience for me.

as the manson murders is something that REALLY interests me, it had me hooked the second i put the pieces together. knowing the case so well i was on the edge of my seat the whole time thinking i know what's coming but ALAS the most humorous and perfectly executed plot twist. also the cast is full of people i now invest into a lot and i appreciate that. familiar faces kept popping up and it just made me feel like i was much more in tune with it all, although OFC i know the actors from tarantino's other films, but it's just not the same ok.

i feel like if you're a die hard fan of tarantino's other films you probably won't dig this that much. it feels very different from everything i've seen from him before. there's A LOT less gore. you're sitting there expecting it throughout the whole film and you only get about five minutes of it and even then it's nothing on what we've seen previously.

the cinematography and editing style remains superb, as well as costume design and casting. the script is as always, witty and intelligent. the multi-layered effect of a film within a film was well done up to the extent it was obvious that margot robbie wasn't looking at herself when watching sharon tate at the movies. the slow pace, long build-up is also still there, which is probably my least favourite thing about tarantino's films across the board. but in once upon a time the action and blood etc isn't suffocating you so much that you have no time to process.

anyway, there's plenty more i could say but i'll leave it at that. it feels so good to just word vomit my thoughts about a film as i haven't watched anything worth watching in a REALLY long time. im literally buzzing off the walls right now.

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