Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

Weirdly reminiscent of Kajillionaire? It's... fine? The last thing I expected to do in 2021 is to love Snyder's superhero films but I did. Snyder is smarter and more forceful than people would like to admit as far as I am concerned. He knows that the stories he tells are not original so he chooses to focus on grace notes, the movement of the human body as pure spectacle, team dynamics and genuine emotions which is something most modern blockbuster directors don't do and in that sense he is a very hawskian filmmaker, if not the only one left. And if Justice League was his Only Angels Have Wings then this is his Rio Bravo. Essentially they are the same story-cool dudes need to finish a job even when they know that they will most likely meet death if they do so- yet it comes down to mood and style that differentiates the two. Obviously this doesn't have the somber tone(it has the exact opposite) and the cathartic emotions and themes of Justice League are still echoed here even if they are not as deeply felt as in the former film, yet this is still a film about dedicated to his daughter and him trying to overcome her passing by creating something for her, to forget what he considers his failure. This being released after pretty much one of the most essential superhero films of all time doesn't really do it favors, it is bloated and longer than it should be and the humor is personally not my cup of tea but Snyder directs and photographs the shit out it and there is something pure and empowering in how seriously he tells his stories, because he seems like he genuinely believes in the power of the myths about family he creates. Watched it while drinking coffe and eating a lot of ice cream and sometimes that's all you want from a film. Big, dumb, solid entertainment.

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