Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire is a a slow film that requires your patience and your full attention.It might not be everyone's cup of tea,but if you let the movie suck you into it's world you will have an amazing experience.
I guess I should start with the technical stuff:
The movie(written and directed masterfully by Celine Sciamma) is flawlessly shot.The were some shots that were absolutely breathtaking.The cinematography with the help of the rich and colorful production and costume design created a unique and magnificent world that solely belongs to this movie.And the sound was amazing.You could hear the waves,and the fire.The two lead actresses had pitch perfect chemistry with each other and their characters were very interesting to watch.
Now I should write my interpretation of the movie.It is not an analysis of the movie.Not even close.I think I suck at analyzing a movie.There are just some thoughts on what the movie meant at least to me:
I believe that the movie explores the relationship between the artist and his art and how the artist can create an absolute masterpiece(Merlant is the artist and Haenel the art).
At first we can see that there is a lot of mystery around Haenel's character.It's because of Merlant having no idea of what is his art is.Then they meet.At first,their relationship is a bit cold with Haenel not knowing the true reason behind Merlant's visit.We can see that Haenel's character is ahead of it's time:she is rebelious and she goes against the traditional ideas of marriage yet she is very alone.The first Portrait is actually really bad,with no meaning behind it because the two characters do not have feeling for each other at this point.The artist doesn't really love his art.When their relationship starts becoming one filled with love and passion for each other that's when the art becomes beautiful and meaningfull.One interesting think is that Merlant's dress is red.Because she brings love into Haenel(she wears a blue dress which represends deppresion).One scene before they share their first kiss the blue dress is being burned by fire(that represends how love by Merlant invades her life).That's when Haenel starts wearing a green dress.Now the art is perfect.But it can never be perfect.Because Haenel's whole fucking family comes back and takes her away for Merlant.In a way,the time that these two characters are living is seperating them.Haenel now wears the blue dress again,symplolizing the return into her older life.The art is being taken away from the artist.At the end of the story,we can see that in the future Merlant's character wears a blue dress.Because I think that she is sad about living her lover behind.
I don't know if my thoughts make any sense(they probably don't).At the end of the day I think that this movie tells the story of an beautiful relationship being seperatted by the old fashioned time they are living.Now one of my favourite movies of all time.How could the acamedy snubb something as beautiful as this movie?
(and yes I know that my review is kind of a mess).Ok bye:)

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