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  • Clue



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    4th ending: the murders are committed by Yvette and Colonel Mustard.
    - Yvette and Colonel Mustard have an affair, she's in the photos
    -Mustard kills Mr. Boddy, he grabs the gun in the dark because that's what he's experienced with
    - Yvette kills the cook in case she has seen any evidence against Colonel Mustard
    - the Colonel accuses every woman except Yvette
    - Yvette kills Mr. Boddy with the candlestick while everyone is in the kitchen
    - Colonel is…

  • Clue



    Had an absolutely lovely birthday (yay) and then I stayed up until 5 am getting so angry and tense and upset about the state of the world that I gave myself a migraine. So I'm going back to my original plan of how I wanted to close out the 29th, watching Clue until I fall asleep. My favorite board game, one of my favorite movies, and I'm actually working on a clue related project right now.
    I hope everyone takes…

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    Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby


    Standup comedians who absolutely adore their wives cinematic universe 💜

  • Cruella


    Did Disney forget that they already made 2 live action 101 Dalmatian movies