Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

It's a bad pain day, so I wanted to watch a goofy monster movie that I didn't need my brain for (seriously I'm like a drunk toddler, my brain is solely focused on not dying today). Unfortunately I forgot that the whole reason I wanted to see this was because it actually looked really good. And it was really anti-imperialism and anti-war which I am all for.
The reason I don't really like other King Kong movies is cause I'm on Kong's side. They show up to his place and are dicks to him and then we're supposed to feel bad cause a few people attacking him die? Nah fuck that. Also in this version Kong doesn't like the blonde lady because he's never seen a white lady before (YIKES) but because he sees her trying to help a wounded animal. Also the natives aren't racist caricatures who give human sacrifices, but just people. So yeah this is a good fun action flick, fixxes a lot of problems in past movies, and I wish I had the brain power to fully process it, but chronic pain is in charge today. Sorry if this makes no sense.

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