Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★

I’m not sure if this is like watching a film on drugs or if you need to be on drugs to watch it???

I’m not even sure what I was meant to be watching...but let’s try and decipher it all.

The first thing this has a great soundtrack...I loved all those tracks and songs, it was top notch! It did really work. 

The storyline is just a bit ridiculous, you want to employ a load of criminals to protect your country but you didn’t trust Superman to do it??  And the people you choose all need medication just to get them out of their secure units??? We aren’t talking just any old criminals here, this freak show on top of freak show.

And don’t even get me started on The Joker...what the hell was that???

Though I will give this credit that the scenes where the city had been attacked were brilliant, looked wonderful. And those enemies where seriously awesome, and the way they exploded with a good hit was actually fabulous, that was some serious action right there, and one of the highlights! They were deranged beasts but after all that action turns out all you needed was some fire to come out your hands!! I just love all the trickery that goes into these scenes, they are visual masterpieces. 

But at the end of it I didn’t really understand what they were doing it all for? A lot of effort to save your own skin surely? Then the random diversion of The Joker rescuing Harley Quinn, unsuccessfully as she returns to the gang, it was a bit like we need to get The Joker into the story but he actually serves no purpose so we will make him one that doesn’t even work in the story....puzzling! 

The story was actually okay once Waller was captured and it was just the team and Flag, that dynamic worked so much better for me! When they went in to confront the Enchantress was the best action of this film by far!! Those slow motion shots were’s a shame the whole movie wasn’t set like this I think it could have been brilliant! 

If I break this down into two parts the first I didn’t really like, the second part I really loved!! Bit of conundrum when giving a rating.....I may review this again at some point!!

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