Cruella ★★★½

This movie is camp. It’s so insane and so many plot points are unnecessary but it adds to how funny this movie is. Like they take everything so seriously and that makes it such an funny comedy film to me lol. Anyways positives Emma Stone did great, but Emma Thompson really steals the show. Of course the best part of the movie is how good the fashion is like holy shit that garage truck dress with that long ass train?!? Incredible! The faux Dalmatian dress stunning! However the first act was so goddamn long like the film didn’t start getting interesting until Emma Thompson and Emma Stone start interacting. Also I wanted more murder like the body count I wanted to be high and I do wish she did kill those Dalmatians because that is who Cruella is. In conclusion though it was great to be back in a movie theater and this film was a hot mess but a campy fun hot mess.

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