• tick, tick...BOOM!

    tick, tick...BOOM!


    Watching this while making my final nyu short film hit a bit. Im like fuck I hope I make it in the film industry before I become thirty. Anyways  Andrew Garfield killed this, good for him. I’m glad a Drag Race UK guest judge is getting some Oscar buzz.

  • Red Notice

    Red Notice


    Watched this because I need something dumb and mind numbing to put on while I cooked thanksgiving dinner and it was so dumb and pointless. Like nothing matters in this film. There are no real characters, no chemistry between any of the leads, just no.

  • Cinderella


    Wasn’t high or drunk enough for this. Not even fun bad just bad bad. In honor of Shawn and Camilla’s breakup I spent most of the film on grindr trying to find someone to stuff me for Thanksgiving

  • Queen of Blood

    Queen of Blood


    God I want to be a sexy space alien vampire so badly. I’m already half way there considering all the life I’ve sucked out of men.

  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    The second movie this year where Adam Driver eats someone out and rides a motorcycle, coincidence? I think not! Also Gaga wants that best actress Oscar real bad, like she’s HUNGRY for it in this movie. Overall I had fun with it despite it being so long, didn’t feel the length for the most part because I was very engaged in over the topness of it all. That being said I am biased because I enjoy fashion history but more…

  • Sullivan's Travels

    Sullivan's Travels


    Whenever Veronica Lake wasn't on screen I simply did not care. Like I know it’s Sullivan’s Travels but it should have been titled the Veronica Lake Show because she just simply outshines everyone in this.

  • Belfast



    The National Geographic title montage: Utter Shit! Act one: Good! Act two: Incredible! The transition into act three: Bad! Act three: Meh The musical dance number in act three: lovely, take me now Daddy Jamie!

    Truly a fascinating film that never really dives into its material only scratches the surface on The Troubles, martial struggles, growing up, or the power of cinema yet I still felt something? Idk like act two was so good but then act three just really lost me. Anyways I hope Balfe gets a best supporting actress nom!

  • He's All That

    He's All That


    Felt like I was watching too many quality artistic films and recently so I decided to watch this dumpster fire as a palette cleanse. There’s just something about laughing at how terrible the acting, the writing, the cinematography, just everything is awful in this film. Like if my take away from the film is that Kourtney Kardashian was the best actress in it you know you failed as a film. I think film students need to watch more garbage trash films like one this so that way the films they think are good become even better compared to this landfill of a film.

  • Eternals



    Finally saw this, have A LOT of thoughts but mainly just horny ones because everyone in the cast is hot as hell. 1) I want Richard Madden to split me in half 2) I want to split Barry Keoghan in half and then have him split me in half, also the stunt casting of him being an actual hero and not a surprise villain like he always is was great. 3) Movie way to long, this did not need to…

  • Passing



    Ruth Negga was hands down the best part of this movie and saves its mediocre writing with her excellent performance. My main issue with this movie is the last act especially the ending like it just comes out of nowhere?!? Like what was that?!? Anyways great performance wish the writing was stronger.

  • The Souvenir Part II

    The Souvenir Part II


    In a shocking turn of events I liked this! I loathed the first one but I enjoyed how weird and meta and experimental this was. I think the fact that I’m in film school making my final film I think also played a factor in this but yeah I wish it became more meta and weird but overall liked this much more than the first one.

  • Spencer



    Spencer was incredible, like truly a roller coaster of emotions throughout. Kristen Stewart is definitely winning best actress this year or she at least definitely should be nominated. Sally Hawkins isn't in the movie a lot but when she is she’s incredible. More importantly what a weird strange biopic that is part Jackie part The Shining, like there are moments when the jazz soundtrack turned into a straight horror soundtrack and then the cinematography would just go wild like wow I loved this movie I don’t know what else to say.