Midsommar hits differently when you’re alone in a row of seats and there’s only like three people watching with you in the cinema. No shit, that’s dread-hypnosis fuel. I started seeing faces in the trees. (Please tell me you saw that too. I really need to know.)

I liked it. And also didn’t like it. That doesn’t make sense but that’s how I can best explain how I really feel. It’s leagues better than your popcorn horror flick—and very refreshing to basically see a cult fucking with you in broad daylight. But knowing that this is Hereditary’s follow up seems kind of a little bit underwhelming. Just a little. Pacing is off after the first like, 30 minutes (which was the best part of the movie, imo). It was perfectly set up, stirring the pot, putting all the right ingredients and then it goes a bit… off. But maybe that’s just me. Regardless, I would still watch anything by Ari Aster. I’ll always gonna love the madness. Especially the way it all ends. It just blows in your face.

I feel so sorry for Dani. Going through a tragic and devastating death of her family, and being in a relationship that’s hanging on a thread of guilt. You know, just everyday stuff that drives people insane. Ari said that this is a break up movie. The way I see it, it’s a woman going through a healing process, therapeutic, even. But in the trippiest, folk horror fucked up way.

Badly wanna watch it again in my own room. I think I’m gonna like it more.

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