Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★

When I say good fucking drama, what I mean is Alma’s surprise-dinner-turned-confrontation scene. That’s peak cinematic tension scorching on screen, ladies and gents.

Opening with its swooning classical score, Phantom Thread grips you with its allure that you can almost feel it like the exquisite silk that’s being woven on Mr. Woodcock’s dresses.

Alma, with her rose tinted cheeks and sincere smiles, caught me off guard. A strong willed and kind soul that doesn’t become as someone that’s naïve. She knows what her heart wants. And she always does what it takes as what she believes.

i have to know him in my own way.

A petulant man of age with particular taste that’s offered a chance at love. Takes it with growing intimacy and all the things that comes with it. Yet Reynolds, somehow is still reluctant because of its seemingly great cost. The disruption of his structured life, brought by the messy nature of love, shaken in each passing day that goes by with Alma on her side.

But then again, Alma knows what his heart wants. Alma knows what her heart wants. She does what she believes. And that’s all that it takes.

The performances are just something to admire. From sharp scenes to soft moments of vulnerability. And I liked that their marriage didn’t miraculously solve anything. As strong as that bond is, love is something that both person will always have to work to keep it alive.

I love this film. My heart is full again. Alma, Reynold, and their love will stay within me for some time.

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