The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

After a week of letting this stay at the back of my mind, I finally settled on how I feel about this wickedly great film. It is absurd, stark, and strangely beautiful. The frail and histrionic Queen Anne descends into madness, as the growing unease between the two lady hangs heavy on her shoulder. Abigail and Sarah are too clever, their boiling rivalry as they navigated through the corridors in a palace of manipulation is just amazing to watch.

The score stings like a needle, very fitting, very Lanthimos. The performances are rich and strong. I still feel weirded out watching Emma Stone in a role that tries to make me dislike her. Perhaps because of her La La Land vibes that I still haven’t gotten over yet. Some moments are so hilarious that it just makes the overall appeal of this movie better. (This should’ve won best editing.)

I admit there’s a part of this that seemed dull, I think that’s somewhere in the middle. The intriguing premise started to fizzle, but I’ll be damned if I say it didn’t grab my neck and took my whole attention back. And ultimately, that fucking ending solidified it all. Queen Anne’s crooked face close-up shot, Abigail realizing that she had not won at all, those fucking rabbits, and that evocative music adds up to a ridiculously good Yorgos Lanthimos level perfection.

I will never hear the song Skyline Pigeon the same way again. But I’m not complaining.

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