Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

That was a really good mess of a film. Satisfying, even though too many moments felt too convenient.

It's like a lynchian reimagining of paper towns. Someone falling into an enigma of surrealistic puzzle-fest, set in my favourite place for a mystery. The conspiracy fueled hollywood with eyes-wide-shut-like parties. Of course it's very far from the greatness of Mulholland Drive and other dreamlike neo-noir films. But still, it's a fuckin' treat.

I love movies like this. I don't really know why. It comforts me that someone in the world thinks all of this and makes it into a film. It comforts me that strangeness is very much alive. It might just seem pretentious quirkiness for the sake of being weird or abstract with no real substance but I don't know man. I enjoyed it.

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