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  • Emma.



    What can I say about Emma, it's in entrancing film. Anya Taylor-Joy and Johnny Flynn have great chemistry, their character's journey to find love was super sweet and heartwarming. The acting was phenomenal, the story was subtle and smartly written and the film's cinematography was just beautiful.

    Emma is a masterpiece of a film. There is a quote that best summarized my feelings for the film, that quote comes from George Knightley confessing his feelings to Emma stating "If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it." Which are my exact feelings for this film.

    Grade: A+

  • Fargo



    Fargo is a great film, the Coen Brothers are truly masters in filmmaking. The cinematography was great, there were many beautiful shots that captured the tone of the scenes, be it dread, cringe and awkwardness or joyful moments. The Coen Brothers are able to tie different tones together, to make a masterpiece of a film.

    While the technical aspect of the film are great, the heart of the film lies in the characters. Speaking of heart, Marge Gunderson is amazing…

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  • Elfen Lied

    Elfen Lied


    Elfen Lied is good, the characters are likeable, its bloody, and the story manages to blend humor and dark themes seamlessly. The only issues is that unfortunately the series towards the ends feels rushed and underdeveloped.

    Grade: B

  • Promare



    Promare is underwhelming, the art style is very creative but unfortunately everything else feels cliche and underdeveloped. Galo is your typical anime idiot main character with a heart of gold, then his friends are basically one dimensional with one personality trait.

    The world is poorly established, nothing else seems to exist outside our main characters. The antagonists is a caricature, he is pretty boring for how simple his plan is, even though he is supposed to be super intelligent.


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  • Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland


    Alice in Wonderland screams imagination, the film surely is one of Disney's most creative film. The animation was stunning, voice acting perfect and the chaotic world was fun to watch. What brings the film down is the lazy cliche of everything was just a dream, but overall a good film.

    Grade: B+

  • I Am Keiko

    I Am Keiko


    I am Keiko, is not only a great film but an experience. Sion Sono is a master in telling compelling and abstract stories.

    I am Keiko, is a unique experience. While watching the film, I could see my life passing through my eyes. As the movie progressed many of the themes of the movie resonated with me. Themes of loneliness, identity, fear of death, fear of life, and many more.

    The film asks important questions about time and its relationship…