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  • Her



    "That past is just a story we tell ourselves." Invoking Alan Watts? You got, Spike Jones. I was not expecting that but how apropos. Doesn't make up for the movie being about half an hour too long, but it helped.

  • Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?

    Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?


    Having been to 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels first, I had a good idea why and when Herr R. would run amok. Can't say I blame him, and though Ackerman's work came five years later, it struck me harder. I got bored enough along with Mr. Rabe that I twice fell asleep, and in my waking moments I endured the same white noise and sympathized with his efforts to play along. Run, Rabe, Run!

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  • Lessons of Darkness

    Lessons of Darkness


    "[During the Berlin Film Festival] I was shouted down and spat at, and the audience was unanimously against me. I heard outraged accusations that [with Land of Darkness] I was applying aesthetics to horror. My only response was that Goya and Hieronymus Bosch did the same thing. That furious disagreement was invigorating." -- Werner Herzog to Lars-Olav Beier, Der Spiegal

  • In the Absence

    In the Absence


    Bureaucratic ineptitude of a nightmarish level, the horror of which is magnified by the soft-spoken, polite deference to authority by people who might come across with more fear, rage, and hysteria--urgency, in other words. So stupidly tragic.