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This review may contain spoilers.

Part 2 of my "I misjudged this Villeneuve movie on first viewing but on rewatch I realize that it is a total work of genius" series.

This made a lot more sense, and I was able to follow it much better this time around. In my opinion, married Adam Bell is the only one of the two that actually exists as a real person. Anthony Claire does not exist as a person, and neither does unmarried Adam Bell. Adam Bell is a married history professor who cheats on his wife with a girl named Mary, who does not know he is married and who he spends a large amount of time trying to hide that fact from. He does, until he can't anymore. And then he crushes her.

Villeneuve employs geography as a representation of conciousness here, as he also did with Incendies, and it works as perhaps one of the best physical representations of psychology and the mind that I've ever seen. There are also Villeneuve's masks that he uses to shroud his characters from being truly known. Here it is the foggy bathroom mirror, the sunglasses, and the shroud of dust over Toronto (Adam's mind).

This movie is actually quite brilliant and masterfully executed. Added half a star and I'm glad I gave it a second chance because the first time I honestly did not know what was going on. Bravo, Denis Villeneuve!

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