The Ballad of Cleopatra ★★★★★

So I want to write a little about this in the hopes that you will take 25 minutes and watch it. It's a visual album for my favorite band The Lumineers, and it's also a great work of visual art. This film is about a woman's whole life. It captures the moments of joy, pain, sorrow, regret, and freedom. As Cleopatra drives the taxi, she is taken back to all the times in her life, through dreams, through memories sparked by the strangers in the back seat. The strangers are her, at one point or another. And then we get to see their stories, and so this film is really about the universality of the human experience; the ways in which life is communal, and connection is inherent. With almost no dialogue, there is abundant emotion. In its fractured stories we witness road trips, kisses, a pregnancy, hugs, concerts, loss and grief, joy and ethereal beauty. We witness a woman at the end of her life, alone, recall the totality of the experiences that made her who she is. We see that a day can be made better by sitting down and talking to someone. This is a truly special thing here, it breathes a new life into an already life-filled album. The Lumineers and director Isaac Ravishankara created a true gem of music and filmmaking, and I implore you to watch it. I promise you that you won't regret it.

It's on youtube, and can be found here.

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