My Octopus Teacher

My Octopus Teacher ★★★★★

A real-life love story between a man and an octopus. And it works. Boy, does it work. As ridiculous as it sounds, it’s not. It’s pure magic, and I was completely enchanted from beginning to end. 

Chose this doc at random on Netflix tonight with zero expectations, and now that it’s over I have to say this was one of the best things I’ve seen all year. Who knew a documentary about a man befriending an octopus could be so damn touching. 

Seriously, one of the most heartwarming, and at times, suspenseful films of the year. The footage they managed to catch was both gorgeous and jaw dropping. Octopus’s really are some sort of mad alien body morphing geniuses. But this just goes to show that you can teach anything or anyone to love and connect if you just give them enough kindness and patience. 

The music was very moving too. The whole damn thing was emotional in a way I can’t really explain with words. I fell in love with this entire strange but true tale. Just do yourself a favor and watch it. Very life-affirming, which is what we need during these crazy times. 

Watched on Netflix.

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