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  • Wind



    It's an interesting concept and it's executed (no pun intended) very well, but I constantly struggle with rating short films

  • Before Midnight

    Before Midnight


    I've only seen this film once before and I remember thinking it was a bit shit when compared to the first two. I was a fool

    It's very good on it's own but in the context of the trilogy it is perfect. 5 stars for the whole thing, the whole experience, and those long takes

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  • Stalker



    I watched this last night and it gave me weird dreams.

    I'm obviously turning into a little Tarkovsky fan boy and I loved this, but after seeing a few of his films once I feel like I'll only grow to truly appreciate them with time and repeat viewings. Lots going on

  • Minari



    Watched a stream of the UK premiere from the Glasgow film festival followed by a lovely Q&A.

    The world the film is set in feels so lived in and real, the cast all do a solid job but the little boy and the grandma were the stand outs for me (I would be shocked if Steven Yeun was anything other than great at this point). The whole thing felt incredibly personal so it was nice to hear from the writer/director once the film had ended