Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once

goes for a mgs4 franchise reckoning thing but with its own unfunny multiverses instead of actual characters half the time. Why is a standalone 140 min movie trying to do franchise reckoning in the first place? ending is kinda like if raiden's final scene on mgs4 sucked shit.
the comedy, instead of goofy but basically enjoyable, goes for unpleasant mixed with lol XD random. beyond the oft mentioned butt plug and sausage shit the bdsm bit is completely inexcusable and actually just, pretty grave considering it's the white daniel of the daniels receiving the spanking? thanks terry for pointing this out to me lmao

even the action itself is like, fine, it's legible, it's nothing new or exciting though. if it was in a better movie i'd straight up just say "the action's fine" like i did with my friends with violent night which i saw yesterday.

idk man i like life and enjoy mediocrity to an extent but this is just too conformist too. The God Is Dead Defense of Family and Shitty Jobs. i love my family don't get me wrong. But cmon. cmon. marte um and this are proof people just want to convince themselves their lives don't actually suck shit through accepting stuff instead of trying to take action or support revolutionary politics or whatever. Yeah let's accept our lesbian daughter. Thats enough change for today. Tomorrow we might accept weed or something.

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