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  • Sorcerer



    Tension at a ten. Prescient and poignant about all things US relations. Underrated and underappreciated it may be. Flatmate pumping tunes throughout may have put a dampener on its full effect; But bridge maintenance has never been a more urgent thought.

  • Truck Turner

    Truck Turner


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Anybody ask you what happened, tell 'em you been hit by a truck: Mac 'Truck' Turner!

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  • Django



    Holy Fuck! If there is a cooler film than this I'd be gobsmacked (If any I'd suspect the French, 'Here's lookin at u Melville'). I don't think the film could have been more tailor made for entertaining me with the blending of the bloody Italian horror aesthetic and western genre that I've slowly begun to become familiar with. I do seriously think that my learners knowledge of 30-40-50s westerns and Italian film played a seriously big part in appreciating it…

  • Whiplash



    Whiplash (my pic for this years best) captured and took me for a ride very similar to how Gravity managed to, it was so engaging and investing that it's percussive tremors completely infected my day afterwards. I found many other similarities with Gravity beyond the cinematic experience, such as the relatively straightforward story that focuses around the 'simplicity' of its elements. Where here Teller's Neimann cuts near everything of his life to achieve his focused goal and confrontationally appease his…