Parasite ★★★★★

OK just some quick thoughts and broad/general statements because i don't feel like writing proper sentences/a review. Wow, where do i begin though?

Parasite seamlessly did what The Favourite tried to do. (im sorry, though, i am growing more fond of the favourite as time goes by!) Everything flowed so well, the narrative made sense and there were so many beautiful motifs. This IS so metaphorical. ANY movie with a dinner party or garden party scene, i am absolutely here for. ESPECIALLY, when it is used with such symbolic weight in direct juxtaposition with what was occuring in the basement. The movie was an everlasting crescendo and i never lost my engagement with it and was constantly on the edge of my seat. Cinematography and imagery was perfect. The story it tells is powerful and highlights so many important issues whilst prompting you to reflect on C A P I T A L I S T S O C I E T Y!

This took me on a two hour long journey, and i am glad for it. A mish-mash of the best parts of every genre, it was a delight to watch and never ONCE did i suffer the thought of "i feel uncomfortable in this cinema" (ok obv was uncomfortable w the child predator behaviour displayed in the two characters) or have any wandering thought about what is happening beyond the cinema, what else i could be doing or what i was doing in the cinema, etc. (as i will always do no matter what movie.) Maybe that also had to do my better headspace as I haven't been a good one for a long, long time.

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