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  • What's Up, Doc?
  • Throw Down
  • Original Cast Album: Company
  • Eyes Wide Shut

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  • Night of the Living Dead


  • Red Desert

  • They/Them

  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy


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  • Babette's Feast

    Babette's Feast


    I was having a conversation with my family a while ago where we were rehashing holidays and large family gatherings from the past. Every time we would struggle to recall a detail or the date in general someone would chime in with what food had been prepared that day, every member of our family has a signature dish that they like to prepare when we all get together and it’s always the highlight of the night. After about three or…

  • Los


    All of this is foreign to me. I have never lived in a city, never become intimate with its back alleys and crumbling structures. My life to this point has been lived in quiet suburbs and secluded houses, lacking in proximity to others but overflowing in the freedom that is only obtained when you are well and truly alone. It has been nice. I enjoy being able to navigate by the light of a full moon. I have spent many…

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