Scream β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

"Hollywood is so fucking out of ideas."

–That was... 🍺

I will admit, I didn't really care for another Scream movie, but once I saw the trailer, it made me excited to see Ghostface and some of the original cast, back in action.

In this Scream, Ghostface is more brutal than ever; does not hold back on the stabs whatsoever. You will definitely feel the impact on every stabbing strike that gets landed, so prepare yourselves for a sadistic Ghostface. I did figure out who the killer would be pretty fast (I know, I know... another predictable slasher), but it honestly didn't stop me from enjoying the final outcome. I liked the way it played out.

The old and new cast did a great job.
Yes, there is some cheese involved, but it's something I can easily let go. I say predictable or not, slasher fans are in for a very good time.

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