A Moment of Innocence ★★★

I saw this movie's modest runtime and it's inclusion in the Letterboxd Top 250 and thought I'd give it a go.

A Moment of Innocence is delivered in an unorthodox way, as it plays out like as if it is the documentary feature behind how they made the movie. Actors are playing actors and even the director is playing himself as the director.

I have to commend this for it's style, but it's the actual substance that is lacking. It tells the story of how a man stabs a policeman amidst a protest rally, and they make a film (within the film) about this event.

But the same events play out over and over without actually getting to the moment in question, the stabbing. This movie was highly controversial in Iran at the time of its release and I wonder if they had included this scene it may have faced even more backlash as a result.

A very different movie to what I've seen in my lifetime (although I feel Close-Up may do something similar but better but I am yet to see it), but it is certainly style over substance on this one.

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