Milk ★★★

(Gus Van Sant ranking)

Anchored by Sean Penn's colossal performance, Milk is a touching biopic that unfortunately lulls all too often to truly be great.

The main draw for this film is Penn and he gives his career-best as he portrays the first openly gay elected official of California Harvey Milk. He is completely transformative in the role and it's easy to see why he claimed the Oscar back in 2008.

Milk really helps to capture the zeitgeist of the time and Gus Van Sant's direction is great for the most part. I particularly enjoyed the blend of acting, archive footage and photographs as it helped to immerse you in the political and social goings on in 1970s America.

Sadly, my issue with this movie is that the middle section ultimately becomes very repetitive and stale. It gets to a stage where it left me a little uninterested, although the final act does pick up the pace to save this from an almighty slump.

It's certainly a story that deserves to be told but the performance of Penn aside, it can get a little, dare I say, boring at points. However, I'd still say to give it a watch if you get the chance.

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