Nobody ★★★

(2021 ranking)

Despite plenty of energetic and exciting action sequences, unfortunately Nobody left me a little cold and distant. 

Maybe it was the enigmatic central character of Hutch that made me feel separated from the movie. Bob Odenkirk does a fitting job, playing the role ramped up yet somehow equally composed. He is very much an anti-hero, but the whole character and concept just felt very mindless and detached. 

I think the revenge action thriller is rather a tired trope and is quite rigid and inflexible to tell the truth. There isn’t much manoeuvrability with a story like this and Nobody is testament to that. 

The styling is fresh and the fight sequences, particularly that in the bus, in Hutch’s house and the final sequence are all extremely good, but it’s everything else that falls short for me. 

I get that this is supposed to be fun and not too serious, but I just thought I’d enjoy myself a bit more.

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